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What is D360?

What is D360?

At the Dudley Real Estate Group, we believe that a house is more than amazing curb appeal. We like to combine the excitement and anticipation of the buyer's perspective and balance it with the practical needs of a family, with the steely-eyed analysis of a home inspector. This comprehensive top-down look at all our properties is what we call the D360.

There is no way to accurately measure the value of a person’s life – their hopes and dreams, their comforts and strengths, their trials and triumphs. But that is what we attempt to capture everyday in a home tour. We try to encapsulate the foundation of a person’s, or a family’s future based on where they plan their next step, whether it’s coming home from a rough day at work until that promotion, or finding the safety of your own room after facing the pressure of school and your friends. It’s no surprise that choosing your home, no matter the cost, can be one of the most defining moments in life.

For some, the home tour is a rush for the minimum requirements of life within a fixed budget. A potential buyer would glance at the neighbors, a cursory look at the curb appeal, scanning the rooms – beds, kitchen, and baths – before reviewing the price tag. If the house fits the list, it’s on to escrow.

Others are more precise. There is a joke about a real estate buyer looking for “a cozy, secluded 20-acre farm surrounded by hills, trees and streams, within walking distance of shops, restaurants, schools, theaters and hot night spots.” Far removed from reality as real estate can be, these buyers may or may not realize the necessity to compromise based on geographic and logistical limitations. Not everyone can have the perfect view, or have a beachside property. It’s our job to give realistic comfort within reasonable availability.

We know the struggle. As a family-oriented realty team, we discover the cracks in the walls, the chimney that needs fixing, and the doorknobs that need replacing - sometimes too late. This is why we developed D360, to ensure that future homeowners know everything they need to know about their house before they step on the front lawn.

From exterior inspections to maintenance estimates and troubleshooting tips, we cover them all in our one-of-a-kind walk-through. Our award-winning methods have garnered praise from buyers, sellers and peers alike. We want you to discover the home that will make you feel at home for years to come.

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