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Up and Coming DC Area Neighborhoods to Watch Out For in 2019

Whether you’re moving to DC or you live in one of the most popular neighborhoods in the District, this information can be very helpful when it comes to buying or selling a home. According to Washington Business Journal, there are a few neighborhoods that are in exceptionally high demand, and you can find these below.


Petworth gets a score of 57.4 in this “study” of sorts due to several different factors. The average sales price here in 2018 is $650,000, which represents an increase of 14.3% over the last year. In 2018, homes spent a mere nine days on the market before being snapped up by interested buyers at a price of roughly $467 per square foot. This area is known for its small shops and boutiques as well as its bevy of single-owner restaurants and activities.

Churchill Town Sector

The Churchill Town Sector in Germantown is another excellent neighborhood that’s hot among those who are relocating to the area. The average sales price here is quite attainable at just $299,999, which represents a modest increase of 6.5%. Homes in this area spend only eight days on the market and people pay about $226 a square foot for them. The neighborhood is known for its lovely streets, tough stance on crime, and activities for adults and youth alike.

16th Street Downs

This is another incredibly popular area with an average home selling price in 2018 of $746,000. Prices have increased here about 6.6% and people pay roughly $427 a square foot to live here. Homes spend about eight days on the market, on average, and for good reason. The nearby public and private schools, selection of high-end shopping, and bevy of restaurants make this one of the most popular places in the District to call home.

Marshall Heights

Marshall Heights is another affordable neighborhood in the DC area with average home prices topping out at right at $350,000 in 2018. This, however, represents a major increase in price of 22.0%, which is significantly higher than in other neighborhoods in the district. You’ll pay about $275 a square foot to move to Marshall Heights, but if you see a home you like, make your bid – they only stay on the market a few days in this area. You’re sure to love the family-oriented atmosphere, the abundance of parks, and the peace and quiet during the nighttime hours.

Heritage Hunt

This neighborhood is located in Gainesville, and it’s another of the more quickly-growing areas in the District. Here, you’ll pay only about $200 per square foot for a home, but the average selling price is roughly $477,500, which alludes to the larger, more spacious homes in the area. Homes here only last about 10 days on the market, and there’s plenty to see and do here, whether you prefer golf, close access to healthcare and shopping, and a variety of cultural opportunities.

These five neighborhoods represent some of the up-and-comers in the district. They offer low crime, outstanding schools, and plenty to do within walking distance. Other neighborhoods in DC that you should consider include Piedmont, Fort Dupont Park, Cardinal Forest, and Wesley Heights, among others.

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